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Illustration - Roxa in Bucharest

So I visited Bucharest with my friend, Roxana Târziu (an awesome illustrator). A friend offered us a place to stay while we were there. It turns out, it was the house of the renowned actor Constantin Tănase. Sadly, the ancient house was poorly maintained, but that made for quite an interesting and spooky evening. Its architecture looked great, maybe even more interesting due to its weathered aspect. It being a hot Bucharest evening, we decided to go for a few smokes and beers on the porch. It occurred to me that her smoking in front of the house while talking to her boyfriend would make a great composition.


I took the picture and found the lighting, architectural elements and geometry exciting enough to fully illustrate.
The original photo is basically a snapshot with my phone, but it was more than what I needed to give it about 48 hours of work in Adobe Illustrator, simplify the elements and 'clean up' all the faults in the building. It ended up being one of my most detailed and complex works.

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