The Magic of Numbers - 3rd prize

This poster that I made is part of a fictional project for theEye Magazine cover, which was made into a design contest

by our University.


It consists of a portrait of Archimedes of Syracuse, the old Greek, created by his own discovery, the number pi. He was the first to approximate it correctly at 3,14. This is why the typography also is big and poppy for the first 3 numbers. The rest of the portrait numbers were taken off a website that lists a million digits of Archimedes, that we managed to compute long after his death.


The hardest part was setting the contrast levels of the portrait in such a way, that the portrait remains as clear as possible for print as well. It turned out pretty crisp, I must say. I will be enjoying lots of coffee off my prize of vouchers for the

university bistro. :D


(The Print format is A1 so you have to click to zoom in, to see the magic happen)

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