8 Bit Pixel Art - Tutorial Video

Hello, graphic designers and geeks! Check out this tutorial I made! It's a YouTube video that explains one way you can make pretty and accurate, vectorized pixel art. It is my first edited video tutorial, and my first YouTube upload, so don't judge it too harshly! If you have questions or  ideas, how to improve this workflow, I encourage you to comment!


The whole thing was done in Adobe Illustrator, and the model in the photo I used as a reference is my graphic design colleague, Thi. She agreed to donate that photo for educational purposes. I am quite aware that there are other faster techniques to make pixel art, in Photoshop for example, this is just an alternative way to do it. In case you are a vector image geek that likes to be extra diligent!


If you like how my pixel art turned out, or want to support me, feel free to check out the numerous things Redbubble prints it on for me here!

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    crazymmogamer (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 00:51)

    Thats the best video i'v found in a months! I need more info about that pixel art method ! XD