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And so, I had the exciting opportunity to create a new logo for a former co-student and a great guy, Philip Vogt. He is also one of the best photographers I had the honor to meet. He is a great all-rounder, but his main occupation and favourite subject is Architectural Photography

Through this project, I learned how important it is to first discuss with a client, what they want a logo to be. In theory, I knew that it makes some difference of how successful a logo design process evolves. I just didn't realize how deep the rabbit hole goes.


As Philip approached me initially, for a logo design job, I intended to explain to him, the less vague his wishes are, the easier we can make sure, that I can use my logo design skills to optimally meet his expectations and wishes, and also integrate what he wants with what is generally aesthetically pleasing for the public. It also needed to communicate effectively.


But, he is a photographer himself, and he is obviously well accustomed to this principle. That way, I didn't have to hold a long speech of how that functions. So we had a great time and a very accurate and efficient development process.


The symbol in the logo is a mash-up of some very accurate ideas and effects:

First of all, there is the silhouette of a tall building - given Philip's inclination to architectural

photography. Then we also have the shape of an eye, made from the base of the building, to suggest visual arts, visualization, photo. (I believe the aperture symbol is a bit overrated and overused in photographer's logos - it makes it clear what the business is about, but its cliche value is a bit too much - what do you think?). 

The two extreme (left and right) corners also symbolize vanishing points, like in drawings. This way, it indicates professional work with spatiality and comprehensive knowledge of it. 

The main logo is the one with the word mark under the symbol, but the one, where the two are next to each other, is also a good version, that can be easily integrated in letterheads, for example.


The symbol and word mark can, in special cases, be used individually as well (example: just the symbol as a watermark on his photos). Every party: him, me and the viewers were thrilled with the result. Next up, I shall forge him a kickass business card. I'll report back with it when It will be finished!

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    Thi (Wednesday, 20 May 2015 19:02)

    Nice Work :D