Poster Design - Poetry & Jam Session

A poster announcing a new event at my favourite cafe in Brasov, namely 'Tipografia'. I worked through the night to present my friend, Dr. Robert G. Elekes with 2 versions of the poster, one has a rather hipsterish and the other one, a socialist look.

He ended up taking both versions, saying they can be used alternatively. The problem with the red one is that the contrast is a bit awkward to print, the title is not easy to read due to the lack of colour contrast and thin lines.

The actual event is all about the book that Robert wrote. He will read from his new book, "Aici imi iau dintii in spinare si adio" to promote it. 

The skull illustration itself was actually made by Roxana Tarziu. She rules at that stuff! I just vectorized and inked it in Adobe Illustrator CC.


The symbol in the middle is there, because the evening has 3 stages: the main, book reading event, a jam session and a small Expo of the illustrations, that Roxa made for the actual book. 


She is great at illustration, and we always work together very well, and enjoy the fruit of our designing/illustrating with one another.

As for the book itself, It's actually entertaining and fun to read! And I am quite a lazy bastard when it comes to reading. If the first page of a book is uninteresting, I am inclined to not even try reading the second one.


Yet in this case, it actually made me laugh out loud. This happens very rarely, in spite of my watching tons of comedy series.


Sadly, I cannot go to the event, since I am stuck in Germany, still studying. One more semester, and that won't be the case anymore.

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