Slavoj Žižek - Illustration

This is the face of Slavoj Žižek.

I decided to illustrate his interesting and odd portrait, since I wanted to surprize one of my friends, with a spontaneous present. He is a fun philosopher to listen to, even though sometimes, his views and conclusions are a bit extreme and I don't agree with them. At times, his aggresive way to present ideas is called for.

I don't usually make presents in special occasions like birthdays and christmas, because usually I feel like, at least to some extent, the circumstance is forcing me to be nice and spontaneous. Which misses the point of an honest present altogether.


Me and my friend both liked this big Slovenian, marxist philosopher (not necessarily agreeing with him), and often immitated his very unique tics of speaking and his extreme hand gestures.


He often brings up atrocities, genocide, racism, and involuntarily binds them with one of his verbal tics, namely "and so on, and so on", which has the sometimes very comical effect of trivialising whatever intensely taboo thing he is talking about.


In case you don't know him, search some of his videos on YouTube, to see just how interesting and weird he can be. He uses aggresive logics and is being blunt, which is quite refreshing, even if he isn't necessarily always right.


My friend was very glad to receive this gift, everyone at our table was suddenly eyeballing him like some sort of superstar and saying "yes, very nice" ever so once in a while.


Since a while has passed, and he has the only one in circulation, I decided to make it available in print for anyone else who wants to buy it as well. You can find the prints of it on my RedBubble page.

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