CyberGothic - New Display Font

An aggresive typeface, through the harsh rhythm of heavy lines and thin serifs,plus narrow letterspacing.

This font has been made by writing with a 3mm calligraphy pen tip, trying to immitate a gothic style of writing out letters, but tilted all the way horizontally, instead of the normal 45° angle. By that rule alone, many decorative and intricate elements of the typeface had to be reduced to increase legibility. Then, the resulting letters were further geometrized in the vectorization process. A very stern, square-angled typeface is the result.


The serifs are mostly rounded, except for rectangular, decorative hairline serifs here and there.


In spite of its heavy and unforgiving aspect, it fits to many styles and looks. It is a headline font, it draws a lot of attention to itself through its dissonant, if geometric, presence.

The inspiration to this Font came from two different situations.


First of all, I was studying 'analogue' calligraphy in school, and I had always really liked gothic handwriting. The other source of inspiration was from watching the series "Gotham".


As much as I like the Title as it is, I thought, maybe it's still a bit too "modern" and uncomplicated for the Burton-esque vibe of the city, which I so happily remember from my childhood.


So I decided to turn to something calligraphic, gothic, yet very geometric and dramatic. Imposing, readable, but relatively neutral.


And so I just took my calligraphy pen and started doodling. I decided to just see what happens if I write all the letters at a 0° pen angle instead of a 45° like normal. A few pages of gibberish later, I took the drafts and continued building up on the concept further in Adobe Illustrator.


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