Owl on a tree - Illustration

It’s an owl on an old, dried out tree. Quite a squiggly tree if you ask me. But that’s where the owl likes to hang out, don’t judge him!


The first of more

I decided to start off a minimalist, dark series. I like this sort of style, and it's familiar enough for me to practise my minimalism and reduction through it.


It was a challenge to stop at the detail level  at which I did. I actually spent an extra 6 hours on details, which I ultimately threw away. I wanted to keep it simple, that was the challenge.


Made for print

The initial one I did was the circular, negative space design. I was intending to also sell it on my redbubble.com page however, so I came up with the second, landscape version too, as it fits certain objects in print better.

You can buy prints of my work on Redbubble:

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