Illustration - Roxa in Bucharest

So I visited Bucharest with my friend, Roxana Târziu (an awesome illustrator). A friend offered us a place to stay while we were there. It turns out, it was the house of the renowned actor Constantin Tănase. Sadly, the ancient house was poorly maintained, but that made for quite an interesting and spooky evening. Its architecture looked great, maybe even more interesting due to its weathered aspect. It being a hot Bucharest evening, we decided to go for a few smokes and beers on the porch. It occurred to me that her smoking in front of the house while talking to her boyfriend would make a great composition.


I took the picture and found the lighting, architectural elements and geometry exciting enough to fully illustrate.
The original photo is basically a snapshot with my phone, but it was more than what I needed to give it about 48 hours of work in Adobe Illustrator, simplify the elements and 'clean up' all the faults in the building. It ended up being one of my most detailed and complex works.

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Owl on a tree - Illustration

It’s an owl on an old, dried out tree. Quite a squiggly tree if you ask me. But that’s where the owl likes to hang out, don’t judge him!


The first of more

I decided to start off a minimalist, dark series. I like this sort of style, and it's familiar enough for me to practise my minimalism and reduction through it.


It was a challenge to stop at the detail level  at which I did. I actually spent an extra 6 hours on details, which I ultimately threw away. I wanted to keep it simple, that was the challenge.


Made for print

The initial one I did was the circular, negative space design. I was intending to also sell it on my page however, so I came up with the second, landscape version too, as it fits certain objects in print better.

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Hamsters gonna hamst - Illustration

An illustration of a full cheeked hamster
Hamsters gonna hamst - illustration

This is an illustration of Nashua the hamster. He very diligently stuffs his cheeks with all sorts of snacks for later. Just in case. He was always very proud of not really needing a pantry in his studio apartment, and often times offered me a nibble, but I politely refused for obvious reasons.


I have often asked him, if he didn't mind having more than necessary in his cheeks, while rodents in Africa are starving. He always seemed to not register however, to not understand the question. It might just be because he basically dislocated his ears by greedily overfilling his cheeks with "yummies". This is what I call "hamsting".


I think he is a great guy, if you like him, you can buy a print with him.


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Ud - Thin Rounded Font

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CyberGothic - New Display Font

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Amural - Visual Poetry Posters

Poster of Andrei Dosa, Visual Poetry, Amural
Poster of Vlad Dragoi, Visual Poetry, Amural
Poster of Robert Gabriel Elekes, Visual Poetry, Amural
Poster of Claudiu Komartin, Visual Poetry, Amural
Poster of Andra Rotaru, Visual Poetry, Amural

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Slavoj Žižek - Illustration

This is the face of Slavoj Žižek.

I decided to illustrate his interesting and odd portrait, since I wanted to surprize one of my friends, with a spontaneous present. He is a fun philosopher to listen to, even though sometimes, his views and conclusions are a bit extreme and I don't agree with them. At times, his aggresive way to present ideas is called for.

I don't usually make presents in special occasions like birthdays and christmas, because usually I feel like, at least to some extent, the circumstance is forcing me to be nice and spontaneous. Which misses the point of an honest present altogether.


Me and my friend both liked this big Slovenian, marxist philosopher (not necessarily agreeing with him), and often immitated his very unique tics of speaking and his extreme hand gestures.


He often brings up atrocities, genocide, racism, and involuntarily binds them with one of his verbal tics, namely "and so on, and so on", which has the sometimes very comical effect of trivialising whatever intensely taboo thing he is talking about.


In case you don't know him, search some of his videos on YouTube, to see just how interesting and weird he can be. He uses aggresive logics and is being blunt, which is quite refreshing, even if he isn't necessarily always right.


My friend was very glad to receive this gift, everyone at our table was suddenly eyeballing him like some sort of superstar and saying "yes, very nice" ever so once in a while.


Since a while has passed, and he has the only one in circulation, I decided to make it available in print for anyone else who wants to buy it as well. You can find the prints of it on my RedBubble page.

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This Post(er) is not available in your country.

The Lazi Akademie decided to make another DIN A1 Poster contest. This time, the theme was "Integration". My idea was, making a text looking like a CRT monitor, saying "this poster is not available in your country". Both the vibe of "uncomfortably old" technology and some sort of matrix was what I was going for. Won the 2nd Prize with it!

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Poster Design - Poetry & Jam Session

A poster announcing a new event at my favourite cafe in Brasov, namely 'Tipografia'. I worked through the night to present my friend, Dr. Robert G. Elekes with 2 versions of the poster, one has a rather hipsterish and the other one, a socialist look.

He ended up taking both versions, saying they can be used alternatively. The problem with the red one is that the contrast is a bit awkward to print, the title is not easy to read due to the lack of colour contrast and thin lines.

The actual event is all about the book that Robert wrote. He will read from his new book, "Aici imi iau dintii in spinare si adio" to promote it. 

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New Logo - Philip Vogt Photography

And so, I had the exciting opportunity to create a new logo for a former co-student and a great guy, Philip Vogt. He is also one of the best photographers I had the honor to meet. He is a great all-rounder, but his main occupation and favourite subject is Architectural Photography

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